Frequently Asked Questions

What time does service start?
10:30 AM for our main Sunday morning service. 
What do I need to wear?
When you walk in on a Sunday morning you’ll see everything from shorts and T-shirts to Suits and ties.  What does that mean for you?  It means that you can come as you are.  If you’re more comfortable in jeans, wear them! If church doesn’t seem like church if you’re not wearing a tie, then by all means, wear a tie!  Our pastor usually preaches in jeans and a button up shirt or a sweater vest (a personal favorite of his that he gets picked on often for!).
What’s the service like?  How long is it?
During a typical service you’ll experience a mix of relevant, easy to understand teaching and upbeat, contemporary music that lasts about an hour and 15 minutes.  We teach and preach in a style that deals with the life that you’re living now and how we can apply unchanging Biblical Truth to any circumstance and any situation that we find ourselves in.  When we worship with music, we’re led by a praise team and backed by a full praise band. (Guitars, drums, keyboard, etc.)  We move easily between fast paced, energetic songs, and slower more meditative ones with plenty of room left for the hymns that you grew up with.  
Are you going to ask me for money?
We do take an offering as a part of our worship service.  We believe that giving is an act of worship and that it is the call on the life of every Christian to give and to practice generosity.  We also believe that this is a sign of spiritual growth and maturity and that it is an act that is ultimately between the giver and God.  That being said, as our guest, we do not expect you to give anything and we do not want you to ever feel obligated.
What do I do with my kids?
We have an amazing Children’s Ministry here at Community and it is one that we guarantee your kids will love.  You enter through a secure door that can only be accessed by parents and their children.  As you enter, your kids will feel as though they’ve just stepped onto a spaceship, you really need to see it to appreciate it!  Every classroom is equipped with a two-way mirror so you can check on your child if you need to but they can’t see you.  The teachers have all been carefully screened and trained and they love teaching and spending time with our kids. The kids wing opens at 10:15 AM.
I’m sure there are more questions and we’d be happy to answer them, just send us an email to:  office@discovercommunity.org