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03/27/16: Easter Sunday
03/06/16: Guest speaker Alex Banks challenges us to truly embrace one of the central aspects of Christ’s ministry: loving the lost.
01/03/16: Lifestyle is word that’s been thrown around a lot by culture in recent years. This week Pastor Dan looks at the lifestyle a Christian is called to: one of worship.
12/13/15: This week Pastor Dan explains Christmas anxiety has been around since the very first one. But it’s our response that’s important!
11/29/15: A look at the importance of romance in marriage.
11/22/15: This week we examine what values we need to establish in our lives.
11/15/15: A Biblical look at money management.
11/08/15: As we continue our series on being weird, we follow up last week’s sermon on generosity and discuss what a Biblical attitude toward money looks like.
11/01/15: We as Christians are called to be generous in spirit, and this week we explore what that looks like in our lives, not just as it pertains to money.
10/25/15: This week we look at the importance of the Sabbath, and why God intentionally gave us a day of rest.
10/18/15: What is written in ink on your schedule? What are the non-negotiable ways you choose to invest your time?
10/11/15: As we continue our series on being weird, we look at how we need to manage our time. Are we devoting our hours to what matters?
09/27/15: As the Church of Jesus Christ, we are called to be different, we’re called to stick out, honestly, we’re called to be weird! This is the start of a series where we will look at what it means to be weird, and the way God blesses the life that refuses to look the same as everyone else in this world.

“Called to be Weird” Series

09/20/15: This week we hear from guest speaker Wendell Anderson about the opportunity we have to tithe to God.
08/23/15: So what is the answer in all this? What is our solution as Christians to a world trying to challenge the concept of truth?
08/16/15: We continue to examine the importance of truth in today’s culture
08/09/15: This week we look at John 18, and discuss the importance of absolute truth in a world constantly shying away from this reality.

Truth Series

09/13/15: We wrap up the series by talking about arguably the most famous skeptic in history, ‘Doubting’ Thomas, and examine how to handle doubt in our own lives.
09/06/15: We resume our series on “Encounters with Christ” by exploring Mary Magdalene’s story when she went to Jesus’s tomb. 

“Changed: Encounters with Christ” Series