Community is currently experiencing a change in administration. Pastor Dick Stedman is currently serving as interim Pastor.

Our Pastoral Search Committee and Deacon Board have been diligently searching with much prayer for a new Lead Pastor for Community. They have narrowed the search down to 3 prospective candidates. Please continue to pray as we seek the Lord's will for a new Lead Pastor for Community.

Rest assured it is business as usual as our pulpit is being filled every Sunday and the ministries of the church are continuing. This is merely a bump in the road. God will receive the glory in all that we do.

You are one of thousands who have found Community online. Would you believe that this web site has become the number one outreach tool for Community? Many of the people who have recently joined Community were watching or listening online long before they ever decided to make their first visit.

 Community is called "A Place of Grace" because at Community no one will ever be judged for where they have been in life. The family at Community is more interested in where people are headed instead of where they have been. Community offers everyone a "second chance" and many have found the freedom of God's grace at Community. If you desire to get involved in serving in exciting ministries of your choice and be connected with other people who are real, Community Bible Church is just the place for you.

Our main worship service is at 10:30 am on Sundays.  Feel free to search the ministry pages and the calendar to learn more about how Community can serve you.

God is currently growing Community Bible Church in many ways.  Healthy, steady growth is what best describes this body of Christ followers. All newcomers are encouraged to attend the Discovery Class. The Discovery Class offers a complete overview of the ministry of Community Bible Church. It has been said that the Discovery Class answers any question a newcomer would ever have about the church...and probably a whole lot more. Everyone is encouraged to take the Discovery Class for this reason.

For information about the Discovery Class, and to learn how to enroll in the next discovery class email the church at


Community Bible Church
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